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The Hope Pusher

[W]here then is my hope— who can see any hope for me? - Job 17:15
At the Momentous Institute's Changing the Odds Conference

Why The Hope Pusher?

Once someone called me a rebel without a cause. This was a very appropriate description of me. I had anger issues but didn't know why. I would go off on people anytime, anywhere, for any reason. I would get so angry that I wouldn't be able to recall whatever just happened. Sometimes, it felt like watching a wreck about to happen, slamming on the breaks, only to discover they'd failed.

Despite all of this, people saw potential in me, invested in me, and fed my soul. Eventually, with time, counseling, and patience, I began to heal. I discovered the reasons behind my anger and worked towards healing. Then, this rebel found her cause.

A Champion

I am a champion for the underdog. I advocate for those who cannot, for whatever reason, crusade for themselves. I desire to catch those who others throw away, and provide them with the skills and opportunities to establish and accomplish goals. I strive to have enough hope to give to those who are without, and to give it until they are able to have hope for themselves.

People push drugs, sex, prosperity all the time. At the core of each of these is a desire for something better. I choose to push what is at the core - hope, both personally and professionally. This is me. #TheHopePusher, #DreamBuilder, #SupportGiver.

Hope pusher. Dream builder. Support giver.

(c) 2018 The Hope Pusher, LLC | Dr. TJ Jackson

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