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Beauty in the Rain

I'm from Texas. More specifically I'm from Fort Worth, Texas. Where I'm from it is rare for us to get rain from June to September. I can remember one point when we probably didn't get rain for nearly two years. This summer we had multiple days of 110+ temperatures. We value rain in my neck of the woods.

The benefits of rain

Rain renews, refreshes, replenishes. Arid land soaks up rain and becomes alive. Dirt, dust, debris are washed away by the power of rain. The air is made cool by rain.

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was play in the rain. My parents would let us cut wholes into the large black trash bags and go outside in play. As an adult, I've rediscovered this joy. I open my doors and windows when it rains. If it's a light shower, I may sit in the rain. My favorite thing to do is take a run in the rain. It energizes me. And when the moment hits me, I cry in the rain. It restores me.

Closing Thought

I do not deny that rain can also be destructive - hurricanes, floods, the destruction of property. Too much of anything can be detrimental. Despite this, I choose to dance in the rain, laugh in the rain, and sometimes, have impromptu photo shoots in the rain.

(c) 2018 The Hope Pusher|Dr. TJ Jackson

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